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Welcome to Hamono Studios – a home to Japanese knives, kitchenware and gifts in Melbourne! With a cult from passionate cooks and professional chefs around the world, our beautifully crafted Japanese knives can make all the difference in your chopping skills and the presentation of your final dish. Sourced directly from artisan knife makers in Japan, our Japanese knives are hand-crafted by the most skilled craftsmen using the highest quality steel and are made to last. As you use our knives, you will feel the authentic Japanese craftsmanship and marvel at the way they glide through the food produce. Available for delivery across Australia, our unique collection of Japanese knives and kitchenware will lend you a more authentic experience and serve up your culinary creations.

Japanese Kitchen Knives Melbourne

Made in Japan, our collection of kitchen knives is perfect for people who are passionate about cooking. Known for their hardness, resistance to rust and ability to hold an edge, these knives have incredible strength and sharpness dedicated to delivering precise cuts. Sourced from the oldest known knife region in Japan, our range of Japanese chef knives includes Santoku knife, Nakiri knife, Deba knife, Bunka knife, Yanagiba knife, Gyuto knife, Sujihiki knives and Petty knives that make cooking more enjoyable.

Handcrafted Japanese Kitchenware and Gifts

Whether you are looking for Japanese kitchenware for your loved one or as a special treat for yourself, we have hand-picked a beautiful range of Japanese tableware, cookware,chopsticks, mugs, suri bowls, suri plates, platters and drink bottles that bring the vestige of Japanese cuisine to your table, not to mention our multi-functional pocket knives, the Higonokami knife and Fuji knife. All of our kitchen accessories and products are handpicked, ensuring that you get the highest quality Japanese gifts at the most appealing prices.

Order Japanese Cutlery Online

Here at Hamono Studios, we believe that having quality Japanese kitchenware is one of the longest lasting investments you can make to excel in your favourite cuisines and prepare delicious recipes. So, explore our exclusive range of Japanese cutlery and equip your kitchen with some of the best Japanese products available. For enquiries about our Handcrafted Japanese Kitchenware and Gifts, call and get in touch with us today.

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