The Best Japanese Knife

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How do you choose the best Japanese knife? 

Firstly, I love Japanese knives for their;

  • Lightweight hold 
  • Sharp and strong steel
  • Durable designs


Secondly, I love to support;

  • Traditional skill
  • Handmade 
  • Small, community minded regions


Thirdly, I recommend the best Japanese knives for their intended purpose.

See below a list of knives to perform each task in your kitchen. 

All-rounder knives to perform every task: Medium Bunka, Large Bunka, Santoku Damascus and Gyuto Damascus

These medium length blades are perfect to cut through all ingredients. These blades are designed for versatile functionality - chopping, slicing, shredding, stencilling etc.

Chopping vegetables: Nakiri and Nakiri Damascus 

These wide blades, with no tip, are designed to strongly chop straight down into your vegetables. 

Small ingredients: Petit Bunka and Petit Damascus

These short and thin blades are extremely handy to chop and slice your smaller ingredients such as herbs, fruits, nuts etc. 

Meat and Fish: Large Gyuto Damascus, Sujihiki Damascus, Deba and Yanagiba

All of these blades are designed for slicing and filleting your meat and fish. 


Now you can choose the perfect Japanese knife for your kitchen, or to gift to a loved one! 

Get in contact with any questions at all.

From, Alli.