Hidden in Shimane prefecture, you can find the Motoshige factory by a seaside country town. A father and son, along with 6 team members, create Suri Plates and Suri Bowls. The genius of the father and son team is not only in their immaculate attention to detail, they have also created all of the machinery themselves. This results in better productivity and uniform shaped products, and still all the while, many of the processes are done by hand. They don’t create anything else, as they specialise in manufacturing these grinding bowls and plates.

The process starts with sourcing the soil. They mix and create the clay to suit their manufacturing process. Then they mould, shape, groove, fire, package and everything in between. They even create the little grating stones that you can see in the centre of Suri Plates with the machinery that they have created. Suri’s are fired at 1200 degrees celsius over one and a half days, to create a solid and sturdy end product. 

Suri Plates are used for mincing and grating. Ingredients fall from the grating stones into the sides of the plate, for you to scrape into your cooking. Just like Youki (owner of Hamono Studios) loves to do, you can pour sake and soy sauce into the plate with your grated garlic and ginger. This creates a stir fry sauce to be poured straight into the wok.  

Suri Bowls are used for grinding ingredients like sesame, avocado, nuts, spices etc. The hand-carved grooves inside the bowl allows for smooth and effortless grinding. If you are using a large Suri Bowl, you can mix a quick and easy salad with your vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs. 

The Motoshige family take pride in their work and products. They work hard everyday to provide us with beautiful Suri products that are easy to use, easy to clean, functional and aesthetically pleasing. These products have not only been popular among retailers, but also with interior designers. They also have been extremely popular as functional gifts for birthdays, Christmas and housewarming. 

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