Hamono Studios Japanese knives

Hamono Studios was born out of an unexpected Melbourne encounter between owner Youki and designer Shinya. Shinya is a creative genius who is proactively fostering the skills of the next generation of artisans in Japan. He is working on bringing old Japanese craftsmanship into modern life, and bringing young people back to rural areas in southern Japan. Out of his strong love and respect for the art of Banshu products, he is working to raise awareness of this art around the world. 

Since this encounter, Hamono Studios have travelled to the Banshu region to meet the artists, and have expanded the product range to include other functional and beautiful kitchenware, made in the villages of Japan using combinations of traditional and modern techniques. We have grown to support dozens of retailers and hundreds of customers who use our products in their day-to-day life, bringing in a touch of Japanese spirit and culture. 

We help create beautiful, gracious living. We believe in choosing and caring for items in your life that last for many many years. This is the ultimate consciousness of sustainability. We love the traditional way of thinking and we are working to bring beautiful, old Japanese cultural traditions into the life and consciousness of modern Australia.

We choose products that are consciously made. Nothing that we choose is mass produced. You can be sure your Hamono Studios masterpieces are carefully made artisan products that respect traditions, and the environment. 

As a team with the artisans and knife associations, Hamono Studios is working to create a short-term blacksmith internship program. Stay tuned!



Youki has been a florist for over 14 years. She moved to Australia as a child from Japan. She’s been a flower and nature lover for as long as she can remember. Running florist stores created an opportunity to meet Shinya at one of the trade shows. 

This encounter has re-connected her to her childhood in rural Japan, where she was growing up near rice paddocks and catching tiny frogs as a little girl, in a small town of Shiga Prefecture.

Naturally, she remembers her mother sharpening the knives at home in the kitchen, and remembered how design and functionality of everyday things were thoughtfully placed. She was able to conceptualise the beauty that existed in her childhood.  

Now Youki visits the artisans and villages to connect with the people and local culture, and is on a continuous discovery for traditional, handcrafted items that match our philosophy and can benefit people of similar values in Modern Australia. 

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