Shimada Donburi Bowl White
Shimada Donburi Bowl White

Shimada Donburi Bowl White

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Handmade Japanese Bowl

Maker: Shimada Potters

Purpose: Large rice/noodle bowl

Colour: White/Natural

Pattern: Shinogi - traditional method of creating the grooved design on the outside

Size: approx. 20.5cm D x 9cm H

The Iwamiyaki kiln, Sekishu Shimada Gama (kiln), is located in the city of Gotsu in Shimane, Japan, surrounded by the sea and the mountain.

Shimada Gama is a well-established workshop known for its mingei style large items such as water jars and stools, and owns a sizable ascending kiln (noborigama) which they fire five times a year. The workshop is run by the Shimada family with the three generations of potters, as the fifth-generation young potter recently joined the team.

This bowl is simple, casual, easy to use, and durable.

The natural colours of the glaze are vibrant yet pleasant; the dishes will bring joy to the dinner table.

Colours may slightly vary due to handmade nature. 

The dinnerware is so versatile that you will eventually end up using it every day without even realising that.

Feel free to contact with any questions :)

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